Let's work together

We partner with organizations committed to civic engagement. Whether you’re an individual, community or nonprofit organization, educational institution, small business, major corporation, or anything in between, we want to work with you.

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Become a Partner

Partnerships with BallotReady can be tailored to the desired experience of our Community or Business Partners, but generally consist of collaborative promotion of our free voter guide or the planning and execution of a voter education event for your members.


Host a Ballot Party

Make preparing to vote a more social affair. You can tailor your Ballot Party to the style and needs of your group (A cocktail party! A BBQ! A civic engagement day in your dorm room!), and we will provide the resources you need to make sure your party-goers can get informed about their individual ballots.  Check out our Ballot Party page for more info.

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Check out our Curriculum

Created by teachers, for teachers, our educational curriculum targets grades 8-12, but is flexible enough to fit your needs.  With our curriculum, students will learn why and how we vote, common issues voters have in mind when they vote, what different elected offices are and what they do, and how to use BallotReady to prepare to vote.


Become an Ambassador

Pumped about BallotReady’s services, and want to help spread the word on your own?  Let us know what you have in mind, and we can work with you to come up with ways to help.

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Partner with BallotReady

BallotReady also creates custom voter guides for organizations under their own branding to inform and turn out voters. For more information, visit CivicEngine.com