Mobilize Student Voters

BallotReady’s digital, nonpartisan tools are perfect for engaging young voters and equipping them to go vote. Our personalized voter guide and Make a Plan to Vote tool make it easy to reach every student on campus.

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Our digital nonpartisan voter guide is personalized for every voter, so any student, from anywhere in the country, can quickly see the exact races they’ll vote on, specific to their districts. Voter guides include biography, issue stance, and endorsement information for each candidate all the way downballot, so young voters can feel confident about each choice they make in the voting booth.

Using our “Make a Plan to Vote” tool, students get all the information they need to vote, whether it’s by mail, early, or on election day. After choosing a date, time, and polling location, voters can sign up for email and text reminders so they remember to follow through on their plan to vote.

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